About BadgeEntry


BadgeEntry runs over a network. It is powered by a server, and one or more other computers use the network to communicate with BadgeEntry. This page details the prerequisites for running BadgeEntry.


The computer you actually install BadgeEntry on is called the server. It has a number of software requirements. The good news is that these requirements only apply to the server. Any other computers you use with BadgeEntry have very minimal requirements. Here are the server requirements; you'll need to install these before installing BadgeEntry:


The kiosk is the scanning station where people scan their badges on entry and exit. It can be just about any computer (it could even be the same machine as the server). If you have a large group, you might want to run several kiosks. Each kiosk requires the following:

Because the kiosk is intended to function as a scanning station, it doesn't need a keyboard or mouse once placed in kiosk mode. It's a good idea to keep the keyboard and mouse out of reach to prevent mischief. Also, because it's a scanning station, it shouldn't serve any other function—the exception is that a kiosk can double as the server with no problem.

Printing Station

The printing station is simply a computer that is able to print. It needs a web browser (such as Firefox) and a program to display PDF documents (such as Adobe [Acrobat] Reader).

Your printer needs to be able to print on index cards (most can). You'll need a supply of unruled 3x5-inch index cards to print the badges on.

Other Equipment

What's Next?

To continue, install BadgeEntry.